Aggregating Decades-Long Campus Writing Practices: Development of a Databases of Designs and Guidelines for the Mountain Collegian.


BAGACINA, ROMULO JUNIOR. A. APR 2011. Aggregating Decades-long Grounds Journalism Methods: Production of a Database of Styles and Guidelines pertaining to the Huge batch Collegian. Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet.

Adviser: Ms. Christine Sophistication B. Sidchogan

This study was executed primarily to generate a database of styles and guidelines pertaining to Mountain Collegian (MC) that could aid the publication to make its own stylebook. In the conclusion of this study, first, a survey set of questions was floated to identify the areas needed by the publication. Based on the data gathered through the said survey questionnaire, the 15 areas recognized by the participants, the current people of the publication, were increased, abbreviation, acronyms, bylines and credits, titles and game titles, italicization, numerals, dimensions, punctuation, and reported speech. Following your ten aspects of style required by the distribution were identified, issues of MC from 2000 to 2010 were analyzed for the dedication of constant and inconsistent styles applied by the syndication. Two concerns for each editor-in-chief were used. Thus, an overall total of 20 issues and 340 articles or blog posts were employed for the evaluation. The examination showed that many consistent styles are utilized by MC in aspects of capitalization, abstract, acronyms, and punctuation. The consistent designs identified had been automatically as part of the database as they are indications of the practice and writing culture that MC offers. However , in spite of the many discovered consistencies in styles, various inconsistent models were also noted. With these types of inconsistencies, a survey questionnaire was created to determine the desire of MC on models that are inconsistent. It is recommended that the other areas of journalism styles of Mountain Collegian be investigated and reviewed for uniformity.



The Hill Collegian (MC), the official pupil publication of Benguet State University, features the virtues of crystal clear and powerful communication. Thus, it continuously strives to uphold accuracy, precision and consistency on paper for it believes that these will be stamps of professionalism in the practice of campus journalism. Existing underneath this basic principle and guided by the need for sharpening the meaning of information and reports stories, MC relentlessly will remind its college student journalists never to be everyday about dialect usage, British for that matter, and exercise finely-detailed of vocabulary. However , there are strong oppositions regarding this kind of matter. Copy writers and even some academicians themselves claim that the constant stress on proper British is merely a sort of snobbery and has no place in the fast-paced world of journalism. Also, adhering to rules of your constantly innovating language inside the practice of journalism is usually deemed irrelevant as many writers- particularly the youthful blood of journalists- imagine these guidelines and styles since suppressive pushes obstructing all their creativity. Nevertheless , Stovall (2002) said that design is not only a rigid pair of rules founded to restrict the creative pushes in the writer. Style imposes a discipline in writing that should run through all of the activities of your communicator. That implies then that the communicator is exact not only with writing yet also with facts and with thought. Paying attention to the details of writing – and getting all those right – means that an author is likely to be spending attentions to facts, context, and which means. Style, because pointed by United Press International Stylebook, is the intangible ingredient that distinguishes outstanding writing via mediocrity. Additionally , Stovall declared adherence to a constant design is vital for the society. He quoted Thomas W. Lippman in the preface of The Buenos aires Post Deskbook on Design saying, " A magazine is element of a society's record of itself. Every single edition lives on in your local library and digital archives to get consulted all the time by the college students and media of...



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