Apple is among the biggest names in the advanced field for quite some time now. Steve Jobs manufactured many amazing innovations that changed almost all of our lives. Despite of Apple's various successes there are also some notable failures on the way before the company became what exactly they are now. In 1976 Apple introduced its Apple one particular which were most hand built and there was around just 200 models came out and it was a quite success. After a yr Apple 14 came out and it was mass-produced and designed to attract to broad customers. A couple of years following Apple III came out and it was a failure due to its style and components issues as well as the price tag is so high. In 1984 Apple came out with its very first Macintosh, which was likewise cheaper and even more compact than the previous types. Between 85 to around 97 Apple had many fluctuations just like any other companies out there and in 1998 Apple introduced a radical change of Macs which is a great iMac it had been intended to gain back market share for Apple the bubble green was a business success, catching the eye of consumers. iMac became even more popular when Apple came out with iMac in different shades with a tag line of iCandy and made few improvements of the product. In 1999 the iBook's fun clamshell design packed the consumer notebook niche, actually including a manage and inviting users to consider their " iMac to go. " Like the iMac, this came in many different fun colours. In 2k Power Apple pc G4 Cube was launched although the Cube's striking design and style was generally praised, it is high price marking kept that from turning out to be commercially powerful and it absolutely was discontinued one year later. The Dice lives on within an exhibit in the Museum of recent Art in New York City. iBook G3 notebook came out in 2001, The modern all-white iBook reduced the bulk of the " clamshell" edition and was lighter and faster than previously. Here, Steve Jobs even comes close the weight of the brand new iBook to archrival Dell's competing notebook. Between 2001 – Present OSX has become widely...