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How possess gender stereotypes in Bahamian culture affected the way Bahamian female designer see themselves and their globe? How are problems reflected in their art?

The females in the Bahamian society have been observed in many different sights and have been portrayed over the years due to the overwhelming ethnic diversity. The role of females in the Bahamas is promoting from decades to years, thus going out of many to stereotype and judge the lives of girls in The Bahamas. From 1962 women rights meant similar opportunity, however many do not females to become equal since males. Does the female in the Bahamas have their own identification? Is belief a significant issue in the Bahamian traditions? These are two questions the particular one may ponder on when world views females, artists job and the problems behind all their content. The portrait " Can I have you? ” by Chantal Bethel may be the art work that I've picked to primarily based this daily news on. This painting can display many concerns females see others and themselves today. Ways in which females in society are defined as a whole plus the comparison of actual life experiences to the art work are some of the aspects that I can write about through this paper.

An artist work is generally a form of an expression. For many, personal life experience and issues allow individuals to go beyond standard and share their believed and opinions of the world through their art. In contemporary society, women are noticed to be susceptible creatures that always love, which have been soft used and available hearted. Nevertheless can one actually say that almost all women have got these qualities? This statement alone could possibly be determined since stereotyping genders. Society has a way of labeling and classing people based on a person's appearance and the valuables. For several female performers, The Bahamian society would not give enough recognition pertaining to the exceptional work they will produce. As a result of this, designer are motivated and driven to be motivated by the globe itself and are left to...



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