Concepts of Organizational Behavior

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BA 2700 Organizational Behavior

Instructor: Crystal Kenefic, MBA

March 8, 2011

Concepts of Organizational Behavior

Business is usually business, although how you run your business is vital to success. There are many concepts to Company Behavior, although three key concepts must exist and continually be superior. Motivation, work environment stress and leadership can be found and need to continually be evaluated in every work environment. I chose these kinds of concepts because of the interaction with each other. Businesses need to know how to motivate their staff. Employees have to know who to cope and overcome workplace anxiety. Leaders should be able to successfully lead their employees. Determination, workplace pressure and management are problems that when properly managed can cause a wonderful work environment for all workers and bring about the success of any business. I am going to analyze these key concepts and their interaction with each other in the place of work.


Determination has considered on various forms over time and place. In china, motivation is influenced by prize and pleasure. Historically, the Chinese were born in a class that they could not escape and reverance meant a lot more than money. In other countries, motivational tactics took in more of a intense look. Even in the US, the history displays us that motivation could be boiled down to slavery and the will to outlive. Although captivity is now record, motivation equally positive and negative still exists. Late President Steve f. Kennedy once said, " In the event that not us, who? In the event that not now, the moment? " You possibly can say that this may be the determination behind the people right now. Atkinson's Theory of Achievement Inspiration states that, " the necessity to achieve is often tempered by simply another primary need, the need to avoid failure. ” I think that this is definitely the foremost reason for motivation today. With interpersonal laws and human rights activism, unfavorable motivation as physical abuse, for the most part, moved away. The place that the early Romans used satisfaction and soreness avoidance being a motivator, we now seek acknowledgement and status.

My own motivation pertaining to an education is strictly personal preservation and achievement. In my family there are currently simply no graduates of a bachelor plan and I are motivated as the first. I have no physical motivational factors. But historically our family has become members in the US armed forces. I have been through a basic armed forces training program where the threat of physical consequence is always vibrant. Currently the army has a rule on physical contact among instructors and trainees, but the threat of physical abuse due to failure was incredibly prevalent. This was, for me, a really strong driving force and is at line with Atkinson's Theory. But inspiration is only a tiny part of Business today and is tempered simply by outside pushes such as job stress. Stuart D. Sidle, Assistant Mentor, Department of Psychology, School of New Dreamland, states that managers today should make use of a variety of methods to attack employee workplace related stress since each individual differs and may not be helped making use of the same tactics. (Multiple resources combined)

Motivation is critical to the success of any kind of organization. Personnel must think that there is something really worth achieving. You will discover obstacles to everything, just like workplace tension, and it is how you circumvent all those obstacles that determine your standard of success.

Work place Stress

Place of work stress can come in many varieties and results people in different ways. Stress is described as any substance, physical, or perhaps mental alter that causes tension. At work, anxiety can come from being above worked, co-workers, the pressure to perform, or maybe home. If perhaps left by itself, stress may have a negative influence on motivation, reduce an otherwise confident attitude and affect your personal life. Bodily, stress may cause headaches, joint pain and fatigue bringing about missed times at work and higher yield. Jeffrey Sixth is v. Johnson...

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