War/Conflict Brings Out the Best and also the Worst in Humanity

Prompt: War/Conflict brings out the very best as well as the worst in mankind Conflict, the struggle between opponents above values and claims, to scarce position, power and resources. Conflict brings out the very best as well as the worst in humanity. Wars like the Combodian-Vietnamise conflict and the Iran-Iraq war showed us that throughout conflict people suffer awful and distressing events such as starvation, rasurado, torture, death and mortality. Thankfully, during all these issues and diabolic situations, many people made just about every effort to exercise anything in their capacity to help other folks. Awkwardly, times of conflict usually expose one of the most admirable and disrespectful characteristics in human behaviour.

Loung Ung's 97 Nobel serenity Prize champion novel, " First that they killed my own father”, uncovered on the Pol Pot communism regime since it ruthlessly oppressed people as a way create the actual called a " Classless society”. Throughout this era of time, people struggled to survive due to deficiency of food and so became forced to steal, destroy and turn in family members & individuals to whom they presumed were ‘corrupt' in order to obtain higher food rations. Inside the text, Kim, " Ma's little monkey” at the age of 12 becomes the head of his family. Betty risks his life fearlessly stealing meals from the shady village chiefs to bring back to Ma wonderful siblings. Through Kim's actions, clearly he can those which are lovable and qualified as he jeopardises his existence for the sake of other folks.

Similarly, through the 1980-1988 Iraq-Iraq war, felony dictator and former Iraqi president Saddam Hussain evacuated thousands of Iraqi and non-Iraqi citizens by Iraq, when he considered these people as a risk to the region. Such blameless people included merchants, figures of rival parties, anti " Baa`th party persons and also members of the Islamic Daa`wa get together. This significant group of guiltless civilians was thrown out of Iraq simply to later run away later to Iran. Saddam Husain's activities exposed the...



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