Dam the Salmon

24 October 2011

Dam the Politics... Preserve the Trout

There are some things in this world which means that more to us than we can make clear. We while human beings have an existential link with all of mother earth's creatures. We are getting close a dark time in the Klamath River, soon there will be no natural born salmon mating up the fact that was once one of many rivers that spawned one of the most salmon in the Pacific Northwest. The salmon that at one time prospered in the Klamath, are not able to reach their organic spawning reasons because the organic flow of the river has become altered by the building of dams, which is resulting in various salmon perishing without having to be able to spawn. Currently, Klamath Riv fall chinook runs are much less than 8 percent of their historical abundance. For coho salmon the numbers are less than 1 percent (Karuk). It would be a travesty to be a section of the generation that creates one of the most amazing fish on the globe to go away. We must take action to fix the problem before it is too late. In 1916 PacifiCorp put the first dam in the Klamath in order to provide the general public with hydroelectricity (Boxal). When the Copco 1 Dam was constructed within the Klamath Water in 1918, it permanently blocked usage of more than three hundred and fifty miles of salmon and steelhead habitat in the main come of the higher Klamath as well as tributaries (Karuk). Since then much more dams have been completely built in order to keep up with the ever growing dependence on energy, they may have disrupted the flow of the river also, blocked from the path for a lot of salmon to get at their all-natural spawning grounds. Salmon are incredibly fickle animals and will only spawn in the exact riv that they were born in, so if the salmon cannot get to all their final mating destination, they die with out reproducing. It has caused less and less salmon to spawn every year. Another aspect that has in a negative way influenced the salmon human population has been build-up of extra nitrogen and phosphorus inside the river. The...



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