Lifeless Poet's Contemporary society

Christian Long

Mrs. Weidman

January 3, 2013

I Had taken the Road Certainly not Traveled By simply

The transcendentalist writer, Henry David Thoreau, once mentioned: " Being yourself in a world that is constantly aiming to make you something different is the greatest accomplishment. ” This quote, a strike for conformity, mixtures the foundation of traditional ethnic values that imply the individual to help line. This questions the social rules that have been internalized by culture, and viciously pokes by social control. When the social control can be challenged, the fine collection between proper and incorrect is blurred. Norms happen to be questioned, distinct values happen to be internalized, and sanctions might even change to protect or harm this alter. In The Useless Poet's Society, Social control is challenged when Mr. Keating inspires individualism into the social puppets of Welton and features the truth that constantly leaves the feet chilly.

Welton Schools is a stringent prep school consumed by the four fundamental pillars of tradition, honor, discipline, and excellence; holding no capability, nor threshold, for individuality. The students, overcome with obeying the rules and being the puppets with their parents, constantly look for strategies to break free from other social limitations, but accomplish that only by just smoking and listening to the radio, but only in non-public. The students will not dare leave line intended for fear of the strict, negative sanctions set up, such as exclusion or a swimming. They are dispatched here for the only purpose of internalizing the cultural values of Welton also to succeed in life at the loss of there individuality.

Neil Perry, students unwillingly living the life of his daddy, is the best example of a totally free soul limited by the adverse sanctions of his dad. His take pleasure in for performing is not really normal to his dad, who recognizes it simply as obstacle on his approach to being a doctor. Knox Overstreet, locating a love pertaining to poetry, likewise finds himself in love with a girl. Having to prevent the the...



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