Prologue: the Super-Story

Prologue: The Super-Story

Simply by Thomas Friedman (from Longitudes and Thinking, 2002)

¶1 I was a big believer in the notion of the super-story, the notion that people all take with you with us a big lens, a large framework, whereby we look with the world, buy events, and decide what is important and what is not. The events of 9/11 would not happen in a vacuum. They happened in the context of the new worldwide system – a system that cannot clarify everything but can explain and hook up more things in more places about more days and nights than other things. That fresh international system is called the positive effect. It gathered in the late 1980s and replaced the previous foreign system, the cold war system, which in turn had ruled since the end of Ww ii. This new method is the zoom lens, the super-story, through which We viewed the events of 9/11.

¶2 My spouse and i define the positive effect as the inexorable the use of marketplaces, transportation devices, and interaction systems to a degree under no circumstances witnessed before – in a manner that is allowing corporations, countries, and visitors to reach around the globe farther, quicker, deeper, and cheaper than previously, and in a system that is enabling the world to succeed in into corporations, countries, and individuals even farther, faster, more deeply, and less costly than ever before.

¶3 Several significant features of this globalization system differ from the ones from the chilly war program in ways which might be quite relevant for learning the events of 9/11. I examined them in detail in my previous book, The Tuning and the Olive Tree, and wish to simply high-light them in this article.

¶4 The cold war system was characterized by one overarching feature – which was split. That universe was a divided-up, chopped-up place, and whether you had been a country or maybe a company, your threats and opportunities inside the cold battle system were known to expand out of who you were divided from. Appropriately, this frosty war system was represented by a sole word – wall, the Berlin Wall membrane.

¶5 The...



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