target of heineken


Differentiated marketing strategy numerous kinds of system is used by Heineken Company to be able to bring even more choices for buyers. Besides, that strategy can help Heineken preserve their manufacturer as the world's next largest brewer and fulfill the demands of their users and buyers. Specifically, with the advanced technology and modern day machinaries, Heineken also select carefully clean ingredients include finest water, malted barley, hops and yeast, producing two main varieties of beer such as Heineken Pilsener, Heineken Mild that are quite popular in Viet Nam marketplace. The beer is made to always be suited to every product with the different volume of alcohol. The main target marketing that Heineken Company should sell goods is from your ages of 18 or 22 (depending on a country's legal minimum dringking age) to thirty five. Moreover, goods are created towards the customers who have high cash flow compared to the basic society; they could be business people or perhaps wealthy people and reside in urban. Besides, Heineken as well focusing on will be bars, disco or evening club nevertheless this is not fault regular clients and very dedicated as well. The key reason why Heineken choose that age group for their targer market is why these people are the main factor of beer consumption in Viet Nam. These segments happen to be young and modernize, therefore they will contact very quickly the new technology, it is very easily for Heineken to advertise and promote their very own brand. Moreover, they are mostly business people who must employ beers in the meeting or perhaps parties to get friend human relationships or diplomacies. Because of the large salaries, they may choose Heineken, the beverage that are not able to damage all their health as well.



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