bedtime story

After reading Mitsuye Yamada's Going to bed Story, I find myself like I actually do " receive it”. For me the point in the story is always to try and get yourself a message to be able to the readers. I believe the communication is when ever one door closes another door clears. As read in the passing an old Japanese woman was walking around various small towns seeking an area to rest for the night. Everybody opened their doors for the elderly woman but rejected her lodging for the night time. After having no achievement with the people of the villages the lady decided to rest at the top of a hill, although resting older people woman saw a beautiful eyesight of the full celestial satellite. While standing up at the top of this kind of hill, the elderly woman yelled in " supplication” towards the village saying thanks to them to get denying her a place to rest for evening. If they had not refused her request, she would have not had the opportunity to witness this beautiful night sky.

I feel that the purpose of the account is to give to us a sense of understanding. Even though the older woman was denied a location to rest for the night, she was really grateful for being on that hilltop and witnessing a full moon. Once she sees the feel celestial satellite I feel as she not anymore feels the advantages of a pickup bed or a location to rest for the night since she today feels secure and encouraged and safe by the natural beauty of mother nature. Seniors woman at this time must think thankful for her natural natural environment. I would say that the old female is now feeling a certain kind of peace or perhaps gratitude within her.

I do believe that both papa as well as the narrator are telling the storyline to show the difficulties or issues in the world in the past and the world today. The young child who also lives in a hilltop residence in Seattle probably will not fully understand how thankful/grateful older people woman is perfect for witnessing an entire moon plus the top of the mountain which is why the young child said " option end? ”. At the same time there's also a similarity between your young child plus the old female. Both of time have a sense of peace,...



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