John N. Kennedy Assassination

п»їJFK Assassination: Behind the Scenes

By Kyuri Ellie

November twenty two, 1963, US president John F. Kennedy was assassinated. This weakling homicide is a shocking celebration for the region and this still influences us today. Historians claim that Kennedy was a " peace-keeper” which dramatically ruined his presidency and reputation. Data confirms the assassination was planned simply by vice president Manley and the CIA.

First of all, Lee Harvey Oswald, an defeated employee who had been interested in Marxist ideologies, was accused as the assassin even if he did not go to trial. (doc 6). This summary lacks " logical” facts. He could have not shot 3 principal points PERFECTLY directly on the mind from a 6 flooring building BY ITSELF. (doc. 5) The rifle Oswald " used” was an Italian Carcano, that is not capable upon shooting three or more bullets inside 5. six seconds (the rifle requires 2 . a few seconds lowest in order to load ONE bullet). According to the " 22 The fall of 1963” site, Oswald is definitely not guilty, rather, he was presented. There are not any pictures of anyone shooting a gun through the sixth floors of the The state of texas School Publication Depository. There are no photographs of Oswald near Dealy Plaza through the assassination. The shooting originate from the easternmost south, which is the opposite direction from the TSBD. Adding to this, it is skeptical that the files of the exploration about Oswald were covered for seventy five years. Ingest mind that Oswald stated " I am just a mark] (innocent)” following coming out through the police office. http://22november1963.org.uk/oswald-guilty-or-not-guilty Eventually, there must be an innovator, or a group that planned this event. The authentic murderer " lurking behind the scenes” is vice-president Johnson. Relating to record 10, Meeks was sworn in because the new Chief executive after the murder. President Meeks truly benefited from JFK's death. Johnson organized the Warren Percentage to investigate the crime landscape. It is distrustful that the Warren Commision concluded that the meurtrier is Oswald even before the...



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