Flexibility Essay

п»їLand of the Totally free

What is freedom? Is it a chance to do what one pleases? Is it a chance to have your own thoughts? Or could it be the ability to exhibit oneself with no facing implications? The reality is, no clue is more important to Us citizens, both singularly and as a nation, than freedom. No other term is so deeply carved in the hearts from the people and in the history in the country. In fact , it was this kind of mere concept that gave Englishmen a reason to visit four thousands of miles throughout the fierce Atlantic Ocean during the sixteenth century to a totally new, unpredicted, risky continent. Furthermore, American's take pleasure in for the term has been showed many times by simply nationwide polls, and by activities, such as losing draft cards and red flags, by throwing massive levels of tea over the ship, or by possibly building a gigantic copper sculpture. Throughout American history, independence has never been a fixed concept or perhaps idea, changing as tradition and period changes. Alternatively, it has been the very cause of frequent conflicts and struggles different social organizations and the nation as a whole possess faced. Thomas Jefferson, in " The Declaration of Independence”, revealed what flexibility meant to People in america, John Farreneheit. Kennedy, in the inaugural speech, went on to incorporate how to maintain this, and director Obama's ‘A More Best Union' demonstrates this thought is near being perfected. All files explicitly support the change of the term throughout background. As Thomas Jefferson says in " The Assertion of Independence”, " …All men are made equal” (11). This straightforward yet strong statement caused more concerns than Jefferson ever thought it would. At that time, there was an obvious division among social groups. There was a hierarchical pyramid where white colored males rested at the top, dark slaves in the bottom, and women stood in between. A large number of thought that this document might end the differences between these types of groups; yet , it just produced them even more evident. The moment Jefferson wrote down these five words and phrases, what this individual...



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