Lost Ones

Michael Moran

Prof. Aiossa


April 02, 2013

Jermaine Lamarr Cole, better known simply by his stage name J. Cole, is a rapper, composer and manufacturer from Fayetteville, North Carolina. " Lost Ones” is a single from his album Cole World: The Sideline History, which chemicals a picture of any man and a woman coping with the prospect of having an abortion of their unborn kid. Cole's father left him and his mother when he would still be young, and throughout this song this individual explores just a little about how that situation results the decisions that he makes. Through the song, a conversation can be taking place between your man plus the woman, plus the tension between the two can be evident as they are both clearly approaching the argument based on a points of look at in regards to the popular political and moral topic of pro choice or expert life.

Premature motherhood is becoming a growing number of common in the united states. All too often young ladies are becoming mothers before they even finish High School, resulting in an increasing number of dropouts. J. Cole sums it up with, " Think about it baby me and you we even now kids the self/ the way we gonna raise a kid simply by our self” (11-12). When young people become pregnant, they don't know the ripple effect it can easily have on the lives nor on the your life of their unborn child. Just not mature enough, or living within stable conditions which has a steady income, the strain of youthful parenting actually reaches into the friends and family to affect the grandparents and siblings. Like Cole says, how can you increase a child properly if you are, essentially, still a kid yourself? Stemming from unwanted parenthood, child abandonment, or perhaps the abandonment of parental obligations becomes an issue. Since not individual planned for a motherhood, it's quite common which the male number abandons the family. " Did you forget dozens of conversations there were way back/ bout your father and you told me that you just hate that nigga/ talkin' bout he a coward and you thus glad that you aint that nigga/ cause he...



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