Advertising: Needs, Wants and Needs


Human needs happen to be states of felt starvation. Needs would be the basic requirements of human being, without these standard requirements just like food, cloths and shelter no one can exist in this world. The extended kind of needs will be health and education which for sure every upon basic need today but they arrive after meals, cloths and shelter. Marketers play not any role in creating demands, they are normal default requirements of every human being. Organization already know the demands there is no requirement of any research work to develop product which covers the needs of human beings.


Wants are the form human needs consider as they are designed by tradition and individuality. Wants will be marketed by marketers so that everyone truly feel these wishes should be obligatory part of lifestyle. We can take the examples of phone, Internet, diverse variety of foods and garments these all come under umbrella of man wants. One example is: Any person may eat food to feed him self, but this individual want to enjoy fast food, toast rice and Chinese meals. Cloths are required for a person to cover himself but you observe people putting on jeans, fit just because of culture affect.


Require is wish backed by ordering power, human being have unrestricted wants although resource happen to be limited in the world. Its impossible that each human being get the desire things on the globe. Wants happen to be wishes of human, ordering power is going to convert these types of wants to require. For Example: Determination to buy THE CAR is wish but if you have the buying power then it becomes demand. Manager and marketers often focus on persons wants and demands to achieve that they perform in depth exploration using a few different tools such as surveys, selection interviews, observation and others. That's the reason CEO of huge business like Wal-Mart visit store to have a check up on customer, talk to them, and observes them to understand the requirements and Wants.



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