My Needs and wants

The subject phone calls upon me personally to make a confession. I want to take valor and concede what I just like and the things i dislike.

My likes and dislikes arc rather limited. The first thing We positively detest is the frightening discipline imposed upon the youngers by elders or perhaps by those in specialist. Why should anyone bother my life with do's and don'ts? Why should I not become left entirely to personally to choose my own, personal ways? Why should a dad, who himself smokes, call upon his kid to refrain from smoking and drinking? Does he include any meaningful right to achieve that? Why should students be forced to sit and tune in to the most boring, dull and dry spiel of an inexperienced teacher who does not understand his task? Discipline, since the word has unfortunately come to suggest today, tricks normal development and hinders the free development of individuality. How lovely is the readily growing undisciplined, untamed mother nature? Who professions the dance rivulets? Who have disciplines the singing chickens? Man comes into the world free, we put him in restaurants. How unhappy, how tragic!

Another thing which i like is always to sit idle and to bum. Vacant hours fill me with satisfaction and pleasure. A walk by the hill side or perhaps by the riv side delights my heart. I can sit for hours on the railway bridge to watch the shrieking activity of the teaches below. Job, work and work. It includes made a hell on this life.

I feel like crying with Watts. H. Revealed:

" Precisely what is this life if packed with care

We have no time to stand and stare.

My own hobby is playing practical jokes upon other folks. My center tingles using a sense of delight when 1 make a fool of some body, full of a false feeling of pleasure in his knowledge and intellect. I enjoy playing truant. Using ‘proxies' inside the class can be described as part of my own nature. I like pulling off a gentleman's diademe with the help of a crooked hook and a good thread. Tying or braiding down the very long hair of the ladies with bedsteads although they are in bed, writing bad words on the shirts of my class-fellows, writing love letters to my...



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