Behavior of Home Violence within the Biblical Context of Older and Fresh Testaments


" Because the Scriptures Tells Me So”

This dissertation will address the typically, excused and overlooked, patterns of home-based violence in the Biblical context of Aged and New Testaments. Though scripture that is frequently offered and applied are always considered open to interpretation, one need to still battle with the subliminal messages and connotations sent in these speeches and toasts, sermons and life instructions presented by the church at large that insists on it is relevance while absolute authority. " An estimate by the organization Jewish Women International shows that 15 to 25% of all Jewish households encounter domestic assault. This charge is the same among Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jews. The statistics show that Jewish women stay in abusive associations five to seven more years than non-Jewish women (Violence, 2007)”. One of the most shameful facts the Christian church has to face is the substantial amounts of home-based violence which goes on behind closed doors of socalled Christian homes. " Lots of women in abusive relationships truly feel they ought to submit to their husbands out of duty, they may have no correct over their own body, your life or even thoughts. Quite often this misconception is usually furthered by simply advice from clergy, parents, rabbis or other members of the Cathedral or congregation. Some men may think trapped by their beliefs within an abusive relationship, unsure with their position to their spouses or girl-friends. Some males may believe that unless that they lord it out their associates, they are not doing as they ought to in the sight of God, that their placement is one of Master, of Lord of the household. Frequently quotations or perhaps excerpts through the Bible are used to justify abusive behavior and also the suppression by one person in the household of another (Religion and Household Violence, 2012)”. This article will concentrate on familiar testimonies and passages portraying the way they have been used to condone works of physical violence or physical and emotional mistreatment in...

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