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from Merry, T. & Lusty, M. (1993) Precisely what is Person- Centred Therapy?, Loughton, Essex: Gale Centre Guides.

Rogers believed there were several stages that he could observe, and so they enabled him to see whether his customers were making progress in therapy, or perhaps whether they looked like there was stuck, as news got around unable to go forward. Although the process can be irregular, clients do, in general progress step by step, building on their experience at one particular stage ahead of moving on to another. Only when people feel acknowledged and realized at one stage, carry out they think able to take those next step.

This method scale is very complex, nevertheless here we offer a made easier version showing the basic features of each from the seven levels.

Very few persons enter remedy at a certain stage and go on to stage seven. Many leave therapy in a earlier stage, and if remedy has been successful for them, content material that true and significant change features happened.

Remember that this Process Size represents an idealised perspective of the therapeutic process, what this means is the stream of incidents in a very general way. Everyone will knowledge therapy differently, will have several concerns, and will be content to leave therapy for different points. It is beneficial as a way of thinking about the procedure that we proceed through on the voyage towards getting fully working, it isn't a prescription of what we must do in order to get presently there.


Level 1

Persons in this stage appear to be rigid in persona and alternatively remote, cut off from their thoughts and from all other people. Rogers thought that unlikely that such people would see any worth in therapy, and therefore unlikely that they will take part in that.

People in stage one particular are very unwilling to reveal everything with themselves, especially their thoughts, with which they are very unfamiliar anyway. They have a tendency to see items in terms of opposites - advantages or disadvantages, right or wrong, with very little in the middle. They are ruled by rigid rules regarding how people should respond, and they are highly judgmental of others, having a somewhat pessimistic watch of being human. They tend to deal with life in manners that change attention away from themselves and their feelings, and they view an exhibit of emotion as a weak spot. Typical on this stage are statements just like:

" Speaking about feelings is a waste of time. "

" College students are all the same. "

" People should do as they are advised. "

Such generalised claims indicate a really rigid view of the world where everything features its place, and double entendre and uncertainty are very challenging to tolerate. The earth is seen as a great unfriendly, even hostile place, and that is just how it is and just how it will stay.


Level 2

In this article, there is a slight loosening of rigid constructs, though people find it really hard to accept virtually any responsibility on their own, or what goes on in their lives. When points go wrong, they have a tendency to blame other folks, and feel like victims of your hostile globe, rather than participators in it.

" Now i am not liable when things go wrong, am i not? "

" 1 no longer do anything wrong, other people continue to keep creating complications for me. "

" No-one ever views my very good side, they only watch the bad. "

There is associated with an acknowledgement that things are not proper in their lives, but any fault tends to lie in others, and also the world generally speaking.


Stage 3

The loosening of attitudes goes on as individuals are more ready to talk about themselves though they tend to do so in the third person, particularly when is actually about emotions:

" This is how you feel when ever someone really does something like this to you personally, isn't it. " " After all, people do possess feelings. "

People are less comfortable expressing at present experienced thoughts, and more cozy talking about thoughts that occurred in the past:

" When you was a child, 1 did a lot of things that made me feel below par. I just couldn't tell anyone about them because of what...



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