Piracy and Its Regulations

Piracy and its particular Regulation: Filipino's Historical Response to Globalization Press Piracy and Intellectual Property in Southeast Asia


" Robbery committed for sea” Marine piracy tripled, half in Indonesian waters Shipping lanes servicing 50, 000 business ships Seaborne piracy reduction US$13-16 billion dollars Media piracy loss $30-250 billion

Cutthroat buccaneers

Rampant piracy secondnature Thesis: piracy as form of attempting to become middleclass in modern day Philippine contemporary society Middle course precarious situation


We. Historical position of Moros as pirates II. Philippine state creation and " middle course affect III. Informal sector and school in piracy

I. Moro Profiling

1 ) decay theory 2 . competition theory 3. pattern theory Moro identifies " the piratical ethnic groups”

Sulu Sultanate

Iranus, Samals, Tiruns Raiding looting and enslavement Slaves as prized butt

Piracy because Initiative

‘Shame' in The spanish language colonialism ‘Embarrassment' to generous values in American colonial time period Postcolonial racial profiling and climb of Bruno nationalism

Moro media buccaneers

Internal orientalism Moro cutthroat buccaneers as substance subject

2. Philippine Point out Formation

Dividi Middle class-ness New infrastructuring of experience

Moro Personality

Christian and state chauvinism Middle-class affect " feeling” Pa-feeling, feelingera, feeling rich, feeling pretty

Reversal of Roles

Point out in raiding Staged shows in raids

III. Neoliberalism, Informal Sector and Piracy

Quiapo from " kiyapo” (pistia stratiotes)

Quiapo Piracy

Eating through to US marketplaces: $23B in films, $33. 6B in music, $189B in software program Philippines gives $160M loss to US companies


Philippines while number several in Asia in piracy; number several in world because copyright violator. Porous-ness: 1 . archipelagic location 2 . mother nature of informal sector

Additional Piracy

Korea as patient in biopiracy Ampalaya, talong, ilang-ilang, conus magnus Ilosone karaoke


Middle course affect Concern...



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