Extended Promoting Mix

Learning OutcomeHints from Edexcel CriteriaLinks that may help you from Learnmarketing. net LO1 Understand the idea and

procedure for marketing

1 . 1 clarify the various components of the marketing process

1 . 2 evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a chosen organisation

Marketing orientations

LO2 Manage to use the principles

of segmentation, targeting

and positioning

installment payments on your 1 display macro and micro environmental factors whichinfluence marketing decisions

2 . a couple of propose segmentation criteria being used for products in different marketplaces

2 . 3 choose a aimed towards strategy for a particular


installment payments on your 4 display how customer behaviour influences marketing actions in different ordering situations

installment payments on your 5 propose new positioning for a chosen product/service

PEST Analysis


Consumer buying behaviour

Concentrating on


LO3 Understand the individual

elements of the extended

promoting mix

several. 1 describe how products are designed to maintain competitive benefits

3. 2 explain how distribution is usually arranged to supply customerconvenience

3. 3 make clear how rates are started reflect an organisation'sobjectives and market circumstances

3. four illustrate just how promotional activity is built-in toachieve advertising objectives

several. 5 examine the additional aspects of the extended marketing mix Products




Service Promoting Mix

LO4 Be able to utilize the marketing

blend different contexts

4. one particular plan advertising mixes for two different portions inconsumer marketplaces

4. 2 illustrate differences in marketing services and products to businesses rather than buyers

4. three or more show just how and for what reason international promoting differs coming from

domestic marketing

Marketing blend

Service Marketing

International Promoting



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