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SLP Module 2




SL Photography started six months back by entrepreneurs Sara Lee Russell and Neal Russell; Sara comes with an undergraduate level in Early Child years education and worked for several years in the Division of Security as a Child and Youth Providers Director. Neal spent 25 in the US Armed service in various positions and has a undergraduate level in Useful resource Management. Upon retirement coming from active duty Neal and Sara moved to Cabot, a small rural town in south Illinois. Neal went to work for Lockheed Martin and Sara chosen to follow her passion intended for photography. This wounderful woman has built her reputation getting into volunteer work on local church buildings, schools and civic situations. Photos of those events would be provided about digital mass media to the individuals free of charge. In the beginning she would just show up for these public events, now her presence has been requested. SL PHOTOGRAPHY'S OBJECTIVE AND GOALS

SL Phtography(SLP) seeks to use its key competencies to attain a eco friendly competitive benefit, in which competitors cannot give you the same benefit to consumers that SL Digital photography does. Previously, SLP has evolved core expertise in (1) offering a high-quality, branded product in whose image can be recognizable among consumers; (2) creating a sense of community among buyers who pick the products; and (3) developing a reputation amongst community frontrunners as a reliable photographer, delivering the expected number of solutions on schedule. SLP intends to develop on these types of competencies through marketing work that boost the number of providers offered as while to get prices straight down. It is my personal intention to formulate a marketing strategy that will take this business from a hobby to a profit producing entity. SL Photography desires to become the " go to” photography facilities in the city of Cabot, KVADRATMETER. Using the materials learned from this course will go a long way in...



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