Psalm 23

Ann Lim

Essay #5 In Class Poetry/Song Analysis

Psalm 23 is actually a well known and frequently recited, memorized and researched passage in the Bible. It truly is probably one of the cherished and treasured Psalms of Christian Religion. Also those who when attended the Church in the young age may recognize and recall Saturday School lesson of " The Lord can be my shepherd, I lack nothing. ”

The book of Psalm involves total of 150 poems. It is broken into 5 catalogs: Book My spouse and i (Ps. 1-41), Book 2 (Ps. 42-72), Book III (Ps. 73-89), Book 4 (Ps. 90-106) and Publication V (Ps. 107-150). The book of Psalms is usually written by several authors which include King David and Psalm 23 is usually written by this King who have reigned and ruled the Israelites with justice, and righteousness. Call him by his name is pointed out the most inside the Bible and he is the many beloved Full by the Israelite Nation. This particular Psalm was probably written in David's later life as California king. In learning 1 and 2 Samuel, David was your youngest kid of Jesse of Bethlehem. Though Full Saul had been reigning because the Full of His home country of israel, by the command word of Our god, the prophet Samuel anointed David as King of Israel rather because of California king Saul's disobedience and pleasure. However , just before David was officially identified and put around the throne, this individual suffered persecution and hardship from Ruler Saul who wanted him to be deceased. Because Ruler David features relied within the Lord his God to bring him towards the place of Kingship at God's timing, he was humble and trusting in God. According to the Bible, as they was this sort of a character, God himself has called him a man after God's personal heart. Prior to he was a King, he was a shepherd himself who have protected and tended his father's lamb. The Scriptures also remarks that having been a skilled musician.

Psalm 3 has been given the title, " A psalm of David. ” In this psalm, David claims himself to be a shepherd who may be led by God, his shepherd. The shepherd tutorials, protects and comforts the sheep. Good stuff are prepared inside the presence of his foes....



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