Psychiatric Nursing Example

Psychiatric Nursing Case Study


The niche is a 52 year old divorce Caucasian woman, of Biskupiec, poland origin, and has occupied the United States since it was founded two decades ago. She had been a patient at Tewksbury Clinic since July 2011. The girl reportedly provides a long history of bizarre and impulsive habit, but has had a steady drop since her divorce in 2004. The individual denies good taking medication or hospitalization for mental illness. You cannot find any history of mental illness in the family. Those men states, " My operate is very one of a kind. It's moving spiritual function. I are a self- healer. I really do not need to view a physician for any diseases. ” She proceeded saying " I have skilled terrible violence. I am a psychologist. I can do many vocations which I do not wish to talk about. ” The niche lives in a home in the Boston area, where the rooms happen to be rented and they share one common kitchen. She violated a no-harassment order against another residential simply by coming into the normal kitchen, getting a blade, and startled the supposed victim. The girl denies SI/HI. She stated she experienced thoughts of " going to sleep”, yet has no policy for SI. She denies shock, physical misuse, sexual abuse/ rape. She started smoking at the grow older 12, 20/day. She was admitted to Tewksbury Clinic with a legal status 12-15, and then after changed to 16c and eight. She was diagnosed with Axis I: Psychosis NOS and Adjustment disorder (unspecified), Axis II: Deferred, Axis 3: right make pain, Axis VI: Desolate, limited community support, GAS: 35.


Psychosis is a serious psychiatric disorder in where there is a gross disorganization of the persona and noticeable disturbance actually, testing and the impairment of interpersonal performing and romance to the exterior world (Townsend 2009). It may well cause a person to experience delusions, hallucinations, chaotic speech, grossly disorganized or catatonic tendencies. Psychotic Disorder Not Normally Specified...



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