Puncs and Hats

1 . Which sentence in your essay is crafted in the active voice? Answer- Rick and Kate developed the house using their own hands. A. Test will be offered several times this week.

B. Formal clothing has to be worn to Kim's wedding party.

C. I was told to hold back until five o'clock intended for the delivery. D. David and Kate built the property with their personal hands.

2 . Which in turn of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used being a predicate qualificative? Answer Deb looks unwell today Jerr pg forty five A. Jerry looks into the microscope.

N. Jerry appears disdainfully with the pile of laundry.

C. Jerry looks at the map.

D. Jerry looks ill today.

several. Which in the following paragraphs uses a preposition Answer- Connor waited in line while Ava parked the vehicle. pg-53 A. Connor anxiously waited in line although Ava left the car.

W. I might of lent him the book, if he previously asked.

C. There was a major argument between Megan, Abira, and Impegno. D. Wherever is David at?

4. Choose the word that contains a great indirect target. Answer- that they gave me a bonus-pp. 39 A. That they gave me a bonus. answer

W. It is difficult to save cash.

C. We worked hard each day.

G. I put in it instantly.

5. Opt for the simple subject matter in the pursuing sentence. The tallest compitent won the prize. Answer- D compitent pp. some A. highest

B. reward

C. earned

D. compitent answer

6th. Choose the sentence in which the action-word has a immediate object. Answer- They gained the game pp. 39 A. She is insecure.

B. My spouse and i walked away.

C. That they won the sport. Answer

D. George was furious.

several. Which with the following paragraphs has a chemical substance predicate? pp. 6 Answer- Yesterday i actually cleaned and painted my own kitchen A. My entire family likes skiing and snowboarding.

B. The other day I washed and painted my home.

C. Heather and Casey played golf ball and tennis games all day.

M. With the right assets, Steve considers he can acquire rich. В

8. Opt for the sentence that includes a subject enhance. reread pp. 40 Answer I sensed much better A. The day concluded with many surprises.

B. The...



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