Examine: Adolescence and Past Teenager


Every single people in the world get their initially physical difference in their live from baby, children, teen and mature. In this disputa, will describe you even more about young adult. Teenager period or period is a a chance to make an id. It's signify in this period, will happend a searching or heroes and patterns that will be young adult identity and teenager will defend that in their live. Teen era always have a relation with " appreciate story”. A number of teenager is going to do anything for his or her love. They are going to praise the person, want to be nearer and always check out their appreciate. Most of adolescent say for his or her love, in the event that don't help you for a time, it same like a yr. But all of us don't know just how is the genuinely. Teenager devided in two. There are modern day teenager and past teen. Modern adolescent are we, that live in modern age. Then past teenager is a teen in which the older live there. Previous teenager is very different than modern teenager in their attitude. One of the factor is due to sophistication through this era. Coming from many thoughts and opinions, people admit past teenager have an excellent attitude and characteristic. They can be more good than all of us, as a modern day teen. Past teenager is definitely polite and may appreciate one other people. They actually the rules that they can ever see. They can be more diligent than all of us. Modern adolescent difficult to do a couple of activities that bored inside their opinion. You observe it coming from some of our family members and friends, they like to do bad activities such as cigarette smoking, racing, don't want to examine seriously and difficult to do virtually any rules and regulations. But , it's not really happened for all teen in all of the era. Only happened to some teen. Just about every teenager have each personas that we are able to see from their considering, action, the right way to solve all their problem, marriage with other people and their policy for future. Althought many teenager in the world covering for their true characters, we still can see the really. If we, being a modern young adult don't care about the development of the characters to be more great, It will be a problem for other people...



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