"The condition of modest miners in Barangay Bukal, Nabunturan Compostela Valley Province"


The study is approximately the conditions from the small-scale miners in Barangay Bukal, Nabunturan Compostela Area Province.

Looking at the situation of the small-scale miners nowadays, the miners actually are pitiful to look at because of the big issues that the sector acquired encountered through the generations. These self damaging issues give very big impacts to the miners. The population had been blinded by these issues especially to the miners' overall health which is the bait of the gold hunting. In their economic status' state, it is apparent that many in the miners are experiencing a poor lifestyle. If the attention is driven the miners' safety, this is certainly one of the biggest techniques in the superb world of exploration that up to now it have been a long talk in the federal government. In the the partnership of miners' family together, it is hard to deny the simple fact that family relations are affected by mining because everyone knows that miners would seek and dig all over the world just to bring money to the family inspite of the reality of moving away from label the sake of work. The study is dedicated to the condition of the miners to serve as a good example. It will be mentioned in the paper the condition of small-scale mining inside the aspects of their health, financial status, supervision, safety, and family contact. The paper will also talk about some things that the miners want from the government.


Background of the Study

Small-scale mining refers to exploration by people, groups, families or cooperatives with minimal or no mechanization, often the simple (illegal) sector of the marketplace (T. Hentschel et. Al). From the classification above, minor miners is definitely a complex and a dangerous operate. Complex in the sense that due to its informality, (illegal background) minor mining has to be prohibited by government but small-scale exploration is widely operated nearby, nationally and internationally. Consider for an instance is the vast operation of small-scale mining in Geita and Misungwi Town Tanzania, where in several residents are attempting themselves to get miners as a result of poverty. (R. Mwaipopo ain al. The rise of contribution of Minor mining to the reduction of poverty in Tanzania, Geita and Misungwi, 2004). Regardless of the different issues that the government and also other non-governmental organizations are trying to reveal to the people about the minor mining, nonetheless many are trying to engage themselves to the job regardless of the filthy and dull perception about this. Nowadays, males are not only the small-scale miners but likewise women as well as the children are also trying themselves as minor miners. According to Gavin Hilson, (2002) small-scale exploration has a confident and unfavorable socio-economic affects to the growing countries. Not really mentioning the environmental and health-related problem that affects man quality of life. Small-scale mining performs a great function in relieving poverty and contribute significantly to nationwide revenues and foreign exchange income. However , as a result of small-scale miners are mostly low-tech and use poorly qualified uneducated people, it is difficult to get the sector to improve by itself. Thus, government authorities and regional international bodies have to perform an extended role in bridging important information techno-logic and economical gaps (Small-scale mining and the socio-economic effects to the Growing Countries, Dec 17, 2002) This shows that small-scale mining as well as the minor miners has a great long term as one of the main contributors of money in the state if recently been studied to obtain measures of improvement in sustainability, proper mechanization, and in stronger human resources. On the other hand, modest mining is definitely an unquestionably dangerous operate to be involved with. It is dangerous in many aspects of man's lifestyle and in state's stability. The process of mining particularly gold mining consists periods in which a miner will have to include...

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