The Effects of Outdoor Advertisements on Consumers: A Case Study

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Abstract: The purpose of this examine was to identify the affect ratio of outside advertisements on survey participants (consumers) who are living in Sivas city also to measure the effects on participants' purchasing patterns. The research as well attempted to identify the different attributes of outdoor adverts in comparison to various other advertising musical instruments. The study aims should be designate the status of outdoor advertisements among the list of advertisement musical instruments which are considered to have an effect on the purchasing behavior of consumers and determine the consequences and dimensions of outdoor adverts. A face-to-face interview survey is conducted on 500 person who are in Sivas metropolis and who are picked with nonrandom sampling. Info were assessed by using T-test, variant analysis and factor analysis. SPSS 15. zero for Windows was utilized for the scale dimension. The result of the analysis shows that people generally have confident opinions regarding outdoor adverts. They think that outdoor advertising are more eye-catching and innovative when compared to different advertisement types and their physical size lends them an effective visual impact. Respondents as well stated that outdoor advertising contribute to the cityscape in terms of range and splendor, and they usually do not pollute the surroundings. However , awareness of outdoor advertisement amongst some individuals is relatively low. The results of the research indicate that outdoor advertisements which make different tips, which are successful in informing and persuading people and which are sensitive to the environment can be viewed favorably by buyers. In particular, amongst consumers with higher educational and income levels, outdoor advertisements have grown to be striking and the visibility is usually increasing. Keywords: outdoor ad, customer habit, Turkey

1 ) Introduction In today's world, advertising is a commonly discussed type of conversation and perhaps the one from which the majority of things are expected. Marketing has become an essential phenomenon not merely for suppliers but as well, in a sense, to get consumers (www.danismend.com.tr/13.02.2007). The primary goals of the organizations and organizations, which try to survive in this information era, are to attain their goals through the most effective

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utilization of their physical and recruiting; to produce and market their goods and services; and also to derive higher profits. Advertising and marketing is one of the most reliable applications of promoting communication for enterprises which will wish to achieve these aims, to survive in this particular competitive environment and to establish a competitive edge (Yaylacı, 1998, p. 43). Intense competition exists within just all market sectors intended for attracting the interest of consumers in order to or comparable goods and for influencing their purchasing decisions. Accordingly, to get institutions or perhaps enterprises, advertising is of great importance in drawing the interest of the clients and impacting their choices among several products (Oluç, 1990, g. 3). However, advertising, coming from a consumer point of view, is regarded as a guide that helps client to choose the most suitable and logical product pertaining to him/herself among the thousands offers on the market to be able the best to fulfill his/her own needs. Advertising and marketing, when used for various reasons, such as the success of the corporations within this competitive atmosphere, advertising the sale of goods or aiding consumers within their choice, is of great importance in our lives. Enterprises make use of several types of tools in their advertising and marketing strategies, one among which is outdoor advertisements. The term; " Outdoor Advertising” compares to any advertising located in wide open air,...



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