Why the Armada Failed

There is small doubt that the tactics employed by the The english language fleet against the Armada were an important contributor to the Armada's defeat, but was it The english language ingenuity that saved Britain from The country, or was your rest downplayed to make Great britain seem better than Spain/the Habsburg Empire? In order to effectively analyse the comparative importance of English methods, one need to analyse the other causes for wipe out.

First of all, how important were English tactics? When the English initially engaged the Armada, they will used their very own agility to sail their very own ships in to the wind so they really could then simply attack the Armada with the wind on their side (although the wind did not really prefer either of those, as the Armada was also sailing into the wind). Then, rather than let the Flotte board their very own ship and fight hand to hand, they will sailed past them and battered associated with cannon open fire. Unfortunately, the guns were not accurate, and, because they were hitting above the water line they don't sink any ships. The only ships lost were Spanish ships which in turn had collided in the dilemma of battle. Still, if the Armada attempted to occupy the Isle of Wight, Sir Francis Drake successfully commanded a squadron of boats to pull the navy into the Channel (they could have avoided the Channel, but they would risk being shipwrecked). When the Armada was expecting Parma's guys, they were pushed away by fireships, which the Flottille thought to be a specialised hellburner, and that fled, with formation damaged, and then sent at the Struggle of Gravelines, where, once again, the Armada's determination to board and fight hands to hand meant they were battered by cannon fire, though they were inside musket range.

However , it can be argued that it was not a case of English language tactical superiority, but The spanish language tactical inferiority, as the Armada always attempted to plank the English fleet and fight hands to hand, even when the English were obviously faster. And once the Fight it out of Medina Sidonia found that the British...



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